Over 10 years of collaboration for Cardiff Council and Romaquip

I can confirm that I have dealt with Romaquip for at least the last 10 years, during which time
they have provided Cardiff Council with an excellent product and after sales service.

Whilst other manufacturers may be able to provide a product that initially looks similar, the
durability and longevity of Romaquip designed and manufactured bodies is in my opinion, without equal.

If corporate image is of concern to you, Cardiff Council have an X registration chassis that was
re-bodied a couple of years later after another manufacturers body proved not fit for purchase,
which gives the appearance of only being a couple of years old.

I have found Romaquip’s design team to be affable in nature and keen and able to provide
ongoing improvements including prototype bodies and other equipment specific to Cardiff
Council’s exact requirements.

Exploded diagrams are available and supplied for all machines, for ease and speed of ordering
parts, but these will seldom be required.

I can confidently recommend Romaquip Ltd as an innovative, solid and reliable supplier, and
experts in their field.

Paul Shapley, Senior Engineer, Cardiff Council.